5 Reasons to Declutter Your Home


Why declutter your home? The pack rat syndrome is not all that bad; sometimes it even pays off in way of spare parts that come in handy. And it’s so convenient to just reach out and touch that paper, craft, magazine, book or favorite egadget.

That sounds good and seems to make practical sense, until you reach the breaking point. Actually, minimalism is now in. 

And that can happen when all that clutter becomes overwhelming or you have a sense of malaise or feel depressed, yet can’t figure out why. Though rare, clutter can sometimes lead to hoarding, a much more serious problem.

On the other hand, it’s true that an overly tidy and cleansed living style can be a turn off for friends, since it lacks that ‘welcome’ feel. They’re often unable to relax and enjoy the host in a totally tidy environment.

What you want to achieve is a little higher than the middle road. A home that is reasonably tidy and well organized, but still looks inviting and homey. Not convinced that a clean and tidy home can make you happier? These reasons will convince you.  Though you could easily find many more  reasons to declutter, I think they encompass a wide range of emotions on their own:

5 Reasons to Declutter Your Home:

  1. It can be hazardous to your health.  Clutter can harbor germs and bacteria which can cause illness and accumulated dust can trigger allergies, sinus problems or asthma. Clutter often hides dirt and evidence of mold. There could also be safety risks, if a recalled or unsafe product or appliance were to be used, simply because someone thinks it’s fine and usable, since it’s still around.
  2. It can cause depression. I’ve experienced those feelings in the past, immediately upon entry into my own cluttered home. Even just a messy entryway can make me feel gloomy. You may not realize the cause just that moment, but if you can’t put a reason to your somber mood, it could be the clutter.
  3. You can’t clean properly around clutter. And it takes much longer to dust or vacuum around all that stuff, so you often defer cleaning for days. After all, who wants to push a pile of stuff over to vacuum and then have to throw it back into the scene in its messy state. It can make your whole cleaning endeavor seem like a waste of time. And not being able to find what you’re looking for, can be downright frustrating.
  4. It can cause embarrassment. Sure, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we do. What if your boss decided to drop in to ask a question, drop off a folder or just stop by to thank you for your hard work. And what about that new date – how would you feel if he/she saw all that clutter. Does the thought of your mother-in-law dropping by increase your stress factor? If you find yourself hesitant to ask a friend in for coffee – that’s a sure clue you need to declutter.
  5. You may be losing out on some revenue. Have a yard sale and turn clutter into cash and get rid of all that stuff you don’t use, such as unwanted articles, outdated items, obsolete electronics or outgrown toys. With the cash, you can buy something worthwhile – maybe even a much needed vacation or pay down debt. That’s a sure fire way to turn a somber mood into happy dance.

Not Sure if you Need to Declutter?

Take a stroll around your home and pay close attention to piles of stuff – if things belong to another room – you probably need to declutter.  Another clue is if you can’t find something you need, because you can’t remember where you put it last. If you can’t see clutter, take a picture and then face that image.  You’ll often see stuff that didn’t not stand out with a simple visual inspection. A snapshot captures the moment and more.

Clean and organize your home to make it a healthier, happier place to be. You’ll be able to quickly find what you need.  Set the mood in your home. Everyone in the family will benefit and so will your guests.

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