Make Miff’s Hearty Western Sandwich


I tend to do most of the cooking, but my hubby just loves making Western Sandwiches. And he’s very good at it.

It’s not your ordinary restaurant-style Western, but a killer sandwich that is bursting at the seams with flavor and sure to tie you over to your next meal.

Hearty only begins to describe this mega western sandwich, but you can reduce it to a thinner 1-egger and vary the veggies if you like. For those wondering about the name, a Western sandwich is usually made with ham, while a Denver is made with bacon.  So you customize at will.

Before we get into ingredients and method, his usual cooking vessel is a nonstick frypan simply because of the ease of use and cleaning. But once he started using the small square electric griddle from the Hamilton Beach® StepSavor Skillet/Griddle set, he’s been hooked on this appliance. I think the griddle brings out his wanna-be short-order cook instincts.

The Hamilton Beach StepSavor is such a versatile appliance whether you’re cooking for two or five. Cleaning is super easy and the price really can’t be beat. You can read my full review on

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