Hoarding – It’s a Common Problem


We may want to call ourselves pack-rats, it somehow seems less gigantic or serious than today’s buzz word – hoarding. hoardingBut call it what you may and whatever the size of the ‘stash’, it can get to be a worrisome problem, if it’s not already.  Now I fully understand the need to save some stuff, you just never know when you might need it or it could bail out a friend, but when it takes over your life (and home) – literally – it’s time to deal with it.

The worst case scenario of course is that hoarding can create a fire hazard, but it can also cause some health problems too.  A stash of stuff is hard to dust and keep clean at the best of times, but when it takes over most of your living space, you just can’t keep a handle on all that cleaning.  And that can wreak havoc with a person’s asthma or allergies.

All that aside, have you ever wondered how much money is tied up in all that stuff?  We had a huge yard sale this year and finally got rid of things that we no longer needed, but just couldn’t seem to part with either.  It was time!  And we were $500 richer for doing it.

So, look around the home – maybe the money you need to replace your failing dryer is just laying there – all over – just waiting to be gathered up and sold.  Organize what you have and evaluate whether you should keep, donate, discard or sell. Seeing it in a different way will help you realize whether it is reasonable or your collecting boarders on hoarding. And yes, a bulging library of books can be hoarding too – after all, the definition of hoarding is subject to interpretation.

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