Downsizing Your Dreams? Less Can be More!


Most everyone dreams of a large retirement home or a mansion on the hill so to speak, but when life expectations get derailed for whatever reason, downsizing to a more modest abode or lifestyle, can have some unexpected benefits. That’s when less actually can be more.

With a smaller home you’ll have reduced energy bills and property taxes, and you’ll need less of and more affordable furniture.

There’s also a much smaller area to clean and maintain. Mortgage payments will be more manageable and that leaves more money in the household budget or to save for those rainy days.

Since you’ll have more time (from cleaning), that means you can finally enjoy the things you love to do, maybe a hobby that’s been deferred for years or more quality memorable face time with family and friends. And just to clarify my last sentence, there’s a big difference between actual ‘face’ time and Facebook.

You’ll also have less waste all around and hoarding at large, can be a sweet memory. A smaller refrigerator and less cabinet space means a more manageable and realistic food stock. You can finally declutter fully, have a garage sale and turn all those things you thought you couldn’t live without but never actually used, into cash for things that really matter now.

When space and budget is limited, we’re more apt to do away with the ‘want’ mentality and apply more wisdom to things we buy. That usually inspires us to choose items that last, rather than those of a more disposable nature.  We’re in it for the long term, so why do we tend to think short-term when we buy. This will foster a value-added mentality instead of a trendy nature.

Though it’s not the easiest, a reduced food budget does force us to make better choices at the supermarket and a return to the basics of cooking and meal preparation rather than using a lot of prepackaged foods, can mean healthier choices all around.

Growing your own food and herbs can be quite rewarding and it can also help you to keep food costs down.  Using coupons is an art in itself that offers tremendous savings, when you take time to clip, sort and redeem them.

Those dreamy far off places no longer a travel option? Don’t worry, you can still do a lot of exploring, there’s lots to see in your own neck of the woods or surrounding area.  We tend to miss out on those memorable areas nearby, because the ‘grass is greener’ mentality fools us into thinking you have to travel far to see awesome sights.

If you choose to travel, save for the occasional trip and savor every moment. Make the most of it, take pictures and meet new people.  In between, visit your local library or where travel films are shown and enjoy the safe no-cost, armchair way to travel to fill in the void.

With less, you’ll have more money for things you really need and you may not have to look for that second or third job just to make ends meet. And less means more peace of mind all around and that my friend, is truly priceless.

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