Stem the Phantom Power Flow


You may be shutting off lights when not needed and watching your electricity use to reduce your energy bills, but there’s another step you can take to save energy – you can stem the phantom power flow.

Noma Power Bar

Phantom power basically continues to steal power long after you’ve left the room or stopped using your electronics.  Though this energy saving measure isn’t ideal for all phantom power drawing items, it can help to reduce your bills with some.

For things like a computer, printer and scanner that are grouped conveniently together, plug them all into a UL certified surge-protected power bar and once you’ve powered down for the night, turn everything off with one simple ‘off’ button on the power bar.

There’s another benefit to grouping several electronics into a surge-protected power bar.  When a storm is looming or a power outage is expected, turn the bar off and protect these expensive items from power damages.  There’s no guarantee that surge-protected power bars will protect against electricity surge damages every time, but they do give some assurance.

Phantom power use over a year can be considerable, so take steps to reduce your electricity bills and save energy where you can.

What to look for in a Power Bar:

  • UL Certified
  • Buy only well-known brands to reduce the risk of buying a counterfeit product
  • Surge-protected
  • Enough slots for the items you want to plug in
  • Type of plug – some have a flattened plug which may take less space if plugged in behind furniture
  • Install for easy reach of the on/off button

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